Becoming a beast...

I also train supervillains! I’ve been lucky enough to work with Drew Powell preparing him for his role as the zombie-like supervillain Solomon Grundy in Gothamon FOX .

Our goal was to make Drew look a little more intimidating. Just like all my clients, we worked from the inside out. It all starts with energy; we made sure Drew was sleeping, eating quality food and recovering.   

With the right training in the gym we built him a physique he could be confident in. Now he’s taking his shirt off, getting in the ring for his own stunts and feeling great doing it.  

Drew is so much fun to work with, he’s in the gym with me almost everyday lifting, laughing, getting stronger and creating habits that will always inspire his boy to follow his footsteps to health!

Watch the video to get an inside look at the work I did with Drew and train with me on my Playbook app and I'm sure you're gonna love this guy as much as I do! Also follow Drew on Instagram as @realdrewpowell .