Don’s No-Hangover Playbook

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed to have any fun. Especially during the summer, when there are lots of weddings, beach days, outdoor barbeques, all of which may call an adult beverage or two.

I like to encourage my clients to enjoy themselves, within reason of course, rather than feel like they have to miss out. That being said, there are methods that you can use before, during, and after your night out to reduce that dreaded hangover. Now I am handing that playbook over to you, use it wisely.



Eat Well

Make sure that you have a solid meal of protein, veggies, and healthy fats an hour or so before you start drinking. If possible eat well the day before as well, so that your body is not already weakened by processing bad nutrition.




Make sure that you are constantly taking in water while drinking alcohol to help your body fight depletion. One way I like to do this is drinking beverages like Spiked Seltzers, which are gluten-free and aren’t too heavy.



Pinch Of Salt:

I like to put a pinch of himalayan pink salt which contains helpful minerals and helps the body balance its fluids.


Try A Chill:

I brought a cryotherapy tank to Drive495 because I loved the way it can help a body recover and energize. It only takes 3 minutes and I feel great after every time.


Sweat It Out:

I like to encourage a light workout after a night out, but don’t push yourself too hard, because your body is not going to be able to perform the way it usually would. For even better results, see if there is an infrared sauna near you. It is one of my favorite ways to recover!